Complete information on how to do Kadaknath Palan.

Science says that in this world one living being is dependent on another living being in some way or the other. Humans have been using many organisms since the beginning to make their work easier and use some organisms as food. Similarly, today we are going to tell you about an organism which we use in food.

Kadaknath Palan

Today we are going to talk about Kadaknath Palan. At present, Kadaknath cock has become a topic of much discussion. Now people want to know about what is the Kadaknath chicken and its egg like and why is it more expensive than other chickens and eggs? Everyone is curious to know about it and is also curious about how to raise it. An attempt has been made to answer all your questions through this post.

Health benefits of Kadaknath –

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What is Kadaknath chicken?

kadaknath murga

Kadaknath is a species of chicken. Its scientific name is Gallus gallus domesticus. Which is known by many names, it is known by the names Black Chicken, Black Hen, Kali Masi, Adivasi Murgi, Basari Murgi, Kasar Murgi etc. Along with its body, its blood and flesh are also art. Its eggs are golden in appearance but they contain many times more protein than other eggs. One egg of Kadaknath hen is equal to 4 to 5 normal eggs found in the market. It contains much less cholesterol and fat as compared to other eggs, which is very beneficial. Its eggs do not smell like other eggs, its meat is also black and it also contains much more protein than normal chicken and fat is found in very less quantity.

Kadaknath egg

There are many health benefits of eating it, due to its qualities it is in great demand in the market. Due to the high quality found in it, it also becomes quite expensive in the market. Due to high profits in India, it is being cultivated more by the rural poor and tribals. Due to its quality and high price in the market, the famous player of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also followed it, due to which he earns a good income. If you also want to open a poultry farm, then my advice would be that you do Kadaknath Palan. Due to which you will get good income.

Origin of Kadaknath chicken

Kadaknath is a new breed which originated in the forests of Kathiwada and Alirajpur in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Because of this, there was a dispute going on between Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for getting the GI tag, in the end this tag was given to Madhya Pradesh. GI tag has a special kind of identity which shows that there is no one else like it.

Former captain of Indian cricket team is also doing Kadaknath farming.

The promising players and former captains of our country are also following Kadaknath. Dhoni ji has a lot of interest in agriculture along with cricket, he also invested in Kadaknath Palan which gave him good success. He had ordered 2000 chicks from the famous Kadaknath of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. After rearing them they got good income. You will find eggs prepared in their farm in the market of Ranchi. Madhya Pradesh Jhabua Collector Somesh Mishra advised Dhoni ji to raise Kadaknath.

Taste of Kadaknath’s eggs and meat

Kadaknath eggs are very tasty and do not smell like other eggs. Kadaknath chicken meat can have a deeper flavor than meat from other oil chicken breeds. This meat may be a little firm and a little tough. Those who find the smell of eating other eggs can eat its eggs, which will provide them with a good amount of protein.

Price of eggs and chicken of Kadaknath

You will generally get Kadaknath eggs in the market for Rs 30 to Rs 60. Due to very low amount of fat and cholesterol found in its meat, it will be available between Rs 800 to Rs 1200. It is possible that you may not be able to find it everywhere because at present very few people are raising it because it is a new species.

Government schemes for Kadaknath farming

Our Indian government is also helping in Kadaknath Palan. The government of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is encouraging people to rear it and for just Rs 50 to 60 thousand, the government will also arrange for 1000 chicks along with their food for 6 months. In which there will be more profit. At the same time, after it is ready, the government will also pay its price.

Loans and Subsidies

You can avail the benefits of loan and subsidy under Livestock Mission of India and Poultry Venture Capital Fund of NABARD, in which there are different schemes for different categories of people. In this, the government has arranged a subsidy of 25 percent for general category people and about 33 percent subsidy for BPL and Scheduled Caste people.

How to do Kadaknath Palan ?

If you want to do Kadaknath Palan, then let us tell you that Kadaknath Palan is also done in the same way as chickens are reared in a normal poultry farm. There will not be much expense in its food and drinks, it can maintain good physical growth even with the green fodder, Barseem and grains. In the beginning, you should contact your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra and bring only a few chicks. If Kadaknath farming is happening somewhere near you, then you should practically meet the poultry farmer and get some information. You have been given some points for Kadaknath Palan.

1. Selection of place:- For Kadaknath Palan, you should select the place like normal poultry farming. One chicken requires at least 1.5 square feet, similarly you can estimate according to the number of chickens you have. This requires a lot of water, so choose a place where water is available in plenty. Prepare a tin set or poultry farm at the selected location.

2. Where to get the chicks: – For Kadaknath chicks, contact your nearest agricultural science center or contact a known businessman. If you live in Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh state, then Kadaknath chicks are very famous in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, you can get them from there also.

KadakNath Chicks price

3. Food items:- No special food items are required for Kadaknath. Proteins and carbohydrates should be given in their food items. Such as maize, rice, bran, chiniyabadam, fish powder, bone powder, salt, mustard cake etc.

Some important points for Kadaknath Palan:- Some important points have been given to keep the health of chickens good, read them –

  • Keep staff on your farm as per requirement.
  • Add food and water as per time.
  • Keep the form a little higher so that the water does not come in.
  • Put jali or mosquito net around the farm so that no animal can enter the farm.
  • Get vaccination done from time to time.
  • Good lighting system in the farm

How many days will it take to be ready?

Kadaknath takes about 6 to 8 months to get ready, in which this hen will weigh about one to one and a half kilos, whereas a normal hen takes only about 3 to 4 months to get ready.

Benefits of Kadaknath Palan

There are many benefits of Kadaknath Palan. It has high demand in the market and it is also expensive. Medicinal properties are found in it, that is why more people buy it. It has more immunity than other chickens. Its meat is more beneficial for diabetes, cancer and heart patients.

Cost and profit in Kadaknath poultry farming

By rearing Kadaknath (Kadaknath Palan), you will get more profit than normal chicken. You can also earn good profits by selling its chicks. The price of its chick ranges from 70 to 100 rupees. The price of its eggs ranges from 30 to 60 rupees. And the price of its meat ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 1200 per kg. From now on, it depends on you whether you sell eggs or all three of the hens. If you bring 500 hens, it will cost around Rs 80 to 90 thousand and if we talk about profit, the profit will be around Rs 2 lakh.

Registration of Kadaknath Palan

If you want to rear Kadaknath (Kadaknath Palan), then you should register your farm through the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. With this you will not have to face much difficulties in availing government benefits.

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