Dragon Fruit Cultivation Process, Health benefits, cost and profit.

Today we are going to tell you about Dragon Fruit Cultivation . Through this post we will know what is dragon fruit?, what are its benefits?, how to cultivate it, complete information about cost and profits.

Dragon Fruit Cultivation


Dragon fruit is a fruit which is becoming very popular due to its medicinal properties. In India it is known as Pitaya. Its scientific name is Hylocereus undatus. This is a new fruit in India about which not many people know but it is in great demand in foreign countries. This is an American fruit which is being grown in large quantities in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Israel. It is rich in vitamins and minerals due to which it is in great demand in India also. This fruit is a species of hawthorn. Which looks pink on the outside and has a white or pink kidney on the inside. It is sweet and rich in nutrients. Like Kiwi, seeds are also found inside it. Now it is being used on industrial level in making many food items. Its use is helping in fighting many diseases. In India, it is seen that if a person is sick in someone’s house then only he is fed fruit. If a person consumes this fruit daily then perhaps he will not have to go to the doctor. If the farmer brothers of India also do dragon fruit farming along with their traditional agriculture, they will get huge profits.

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Benefits of consuming dragon fruit

Many vitamins, minerals and other types of nutrients are found in dragon fruit, which are many times more than kiwi. Due to which this fruit helps in fighting many diseases, some of the diseases in which it helps in fighting are explained in detail below.

dragon fruit

1. Beneficial in diabetes:- Diabetes is also known as diabetes and sugar, it is a terrible disease which occurs mostly in obese people. Apart from the natural antioxidants found in this fruit, the abundant amounts of phenolic acid, fiber, flavonoids and ascorbic acid prevent the increase in blood levels of the body. Therefore, our advice is that people suffering from diabetes must consume dragon fruit.

2. Beneficial in Cancer:- Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases for which no exact cure has been found yet. Antioxidants, antitumor and anti-inflammatory substances found in dragon fruit reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

3.Beneficial in increasing immunity:- The immunity of our body helps in fighting the diseases arising in our body. Dragon fruit is a good immunity booster, due to the presence of many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, it increases immunity very quickly. Due to this quality, it came into more discussion during the Corona period.

4. Beneficial in heart related problems :- Heart is the most important part of our body. In today’s time, heart related diseases have come in many people. In this, the amount of oxidative stress in the body increases, to reduce which dragon fruit is very important.

5. Beneficial in cholesterol :- In today’s time cholesterol increases in most of the people due to which many diseases come. This also leads to heart related diseases. Cholesterol is also caused by eating eggs. If you have a cholesterol problem, then you should eat Kadaknath hen’s eggs, in which cholesterol and fat are found to be negligible and protein is found in 4 to 5 times more than the eggs of the market.

6. Beneficial in Dengue:- Dengue is a disease that is caused by virus but spreads by mosquitoes. Sometimes this also takes the form of an epidemic. In this, our body parts get affected very fast. Dragon fruit has many antiviral and antioxidant properties which helps in keeping our body healthy.

How to do dragon fruit Cultivation ?

After the Corona period, Dragon Fruit Cultivation started in many places in India. It can be cultivated in any fertile soil which is not waterlogged because it does not require much water. For this, soil of 6 to 7 pH value is required, its good growth occurs at a temperature of about 25 to 40 degrees. It should be cultivated in a place where the environment is warm so that its fruits can develop well. In India, Dragon Fruit Cultivation is done in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh etc.

Main Varieties of Dragon Fruit

The most important task for any crop is to have information about its variety. Similarly, this is also an important aspect for Dragon Fruit Cultivation because its crop lasts for 20 to 25 years. For Dragon Fruit Cultivation , three varieties of dragon fruit are more famous in India, which can be identified on the basis of their colour , but the structure of their plants remains almost the same. All the three types are explained in detail below. Dragon fruit plants are grown by cuttings method which are ready quickly but the plants grown by seed method take much longer time.

  1. Pink Dragon Fruit: – This dragon fruit is pink in color from outside and inside. It is more delicious to eat. It gets a good price in the market.
  2. Yellow Dragon Fruit:- This dragon fruit is white from inside and yellow from outside. It is more expensive than other dragon fruits.
  3. Pink Dragon Fruit:- This dragon fruit also looks pink in color, it is white from inside. This is the cheapest dragon fruit.

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Field preparation for Dragon Fruit Cultivation

Preparing the field for any farming is the most important task. Similarly, it has to be done for Dragon Fruit Cultivation as well, but it has to be done in a different way. In its field, first of all deep plowing should be done with soil turning plough. All the weeds present in it should be destroyed properly, after this the field should be filled with water for moisture, after that the field should be plowed well with a rotavator after drying the water so that the soil becomes well friable as well as the field Be flat too. After this, for planting dragon fruit plants in the field, 1.5 feet deep and 2 feet radius pits should be prepared, keep in mind that the pits should be in one line. Keep the distance between them about 4 meters.

Proper amount of organic manure should be put in the pits, in which you should mix 50 to 70 kg of NPK with soil along with 10 to 15 kg of cow dung manure and put it in the pit. Not much chemical fertilizer is used in this.

Method of preparing pillars for Dragon Fruit Cultivation

For Dragon Fruit Cultivation, a support is required on which it stands, for this some people also take the help of wood, but its crop is of 20 to 25 years, so the wood gets spoiled in a short time. It becomes Therefore, it would be better to make more cement pillars. For this, 7 to 8 feet long pillars should be prepared. And plant trees around it.

Best time for Dragon Fruit Cultivation and planting time

Both cuttings and seeds are used for Dragon Fruit Cultivation, most people use the cuttings method which takes less time to prepare. It takes about 2 years to yield, while it takes about 3 years to transplant through seeds. June to July is the best time for transplanting Dragon Fruit Lee. After installing the supporting system in the prepared pits, four plants should be planted around the supporting system. It can be planted from February to March. In this, about 4500 plants can be transplanted in 1 hectare.

Irrigation of dragon fruit plants

Dragon fruit does not require much irrigation, it requires very little water. It should be irrigated in about 14 to 15 days, due to excessive irrigation, many types of diseases start coming in it, such as due to excessive irrigation, its roots start rotting. When the plants start flowering, do not water the field and maintain moisture during fruit formation. This will give you good quality fruit. Drip method is considered best for its irrigation.

weed control

In Dragon Fruit Cultivation, weeding has to be done for weed control. Its first weeding takes place after a month of planting. After this, do it when weeds are seen. In this, only weeding and weeding should be done to control weeds. Do not use chemical medicines.

disease Control

No specific disease was found in Dragon Fruit Cultivation . When its fruit is plucked, one of its plants extracts juice in which ants get involved, for which it is more useful to use neem oil. There is very little use of chemical medicines in this, its farming is almost completely based on organic farming.

Harvesting Dragon Fruit

After the dragon fruit plant is planted, fruit production starts in about 2 years. Flowers come in its plant in the month of May, which are ready in the month of December. Initially they are green in color when these fruits turn pink then it should be plucked. It would be better to use a plant cutter to break it.

Cost of Dragon Fruit Cultivation

Dragon Fruit Cultivation will cost more in the first year itself, which will include plowing the field, dragon fruit plants and most of the money will be spent on the supporting system for Dragon Fruit Cultivation . According to one hectare, approximately It will cost between Rs.150 to Rs. 2 lakh and from the second year only the cost of weeding the crop will be incurred.

Dragon fruit production and price

In Dragon Fruit Cultivation, about 400 to 500 kg is produced in one hectare in the first crop. When the plant becomes 5 to 6 years old, production of about 10 to 15 tons per hectare starts. The weight of one dragon fruit fruit ranges from 400 to 1200 grams. Its price in the market ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 300 per piece. There is less production in its first crop. Its first production can earn anywhere between Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh. Its cultivation lasts for 20 to 25 years, in which the annual income from production in one hectare can easily be Rs 25 to 30 lakhs per year.

Dragon Fruit Cultivation will be very beneficial for Indian farmers, it will improve the economic condition of the farmers and if Dragon Fruit Cultivation is done on a large scale, it will also be exported from India, which will help in improving the economic condition of the farmers. There will also be an increase in the economic condition of the country.

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